Who is T.E.A for?

T.E.A is suitable for professional, private or student pilots (airplane or helicopter), professional or student controllers, FISOs and radio operators. It is your responsibility to check that your license-issuing authority accepts a T.E.A certificate from the T.E.A Centre where you take the test.

What happens on the test day?

You should arrive at the T.E.A Centre at least thirty minutes before your test so that the Administrator can check your details and take your photograph (which will appear on your certificate).

You do not need to provide a photograph. Make sure you bring the passport or national identity card you registered with – you will not be allowed to take the test without it.

You do not need to bring anything else with you. Devices capable of recording must be left outside the test room.

The test will be recorded for security and quality purposes. If you are unhappy about any aspect of the test day procedures, you must speak to the Administrator on the test day.

Your test result will not be available on the test day, so please do not ask. The examiner will not give you any indication of how you have performed in the test.

You can send your questions to tea-test@adverbum.com.mk