Providing our clients

with best services in event organization, translation and interpreting, logistics, as well as professional trainings.

Our Services

Events Organization

Organization of conferences, workshops or other business events.


When you need to communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as you, it is likely that you will need interpreting services.


Ad Verbum has multi-year translation experience. We offer standard translations of the highest quality into over 100 world languages.


Localization is adaptation of software or websites to specific languages, cultures, and places.

Logistics and Technical Support

We provide technical and logistical support for events with the emphasis on individual service, creating a successful and pleasant experience without stress.


In 2010, Ad Verbum expanded its business activity in the publishing area.


Ad Verbum is also a training company.

Additional Services

Our practice showed that each of our clients has her or his own needs and wishes, and that is why we also offer additional services and provide our clients with exactly what they need.

Ad Verbum is specialized in event organization with numerous successfully planned and organized conferences, seminars and workshops in the portfolio.

In order to provide full service, Ad Verbum also provides a wide range of specialist language services, including translation and interpreting, which are delivered by our solid team of professional and capable linguists, as well as education and training, and book publishing


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