How to be an expert in strategic planning

Develop a detailed road-map of where your organization is going over the next couple of years and how it’s going to get there, through the use of Strategic Analysis, Strategic Direction Setup and Action Planning. The destination? Success.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.


How to take charge of your projects

Learn how to effectively manage the four basic elements of a project: resources (people, equipment, material, etc), time (task durations, dependencies, critical path, etc), money (budget, costs, contingencies, profit, etc), and scope (project size, goals, requirements, etc).

Don’t let your projects slip away from you.


How to make stress a thing of the past

Learn to effectively manage your stress levels through various (and fun) techniques and exercises and find equilibrium in your private life, your professional life, and between your personal and professional lives.

It may sound like a dream, but at least it’s manageable.


How to be a true leader

Learn all the basic & advanced nooks and crannies of effective communication, employee motivation, planning, understanding group needs and characteristics, knowing and understanding group resources, controlling the group, counselling, setting the example, representing the group, employee evaluation, sharing leadership, being a leader-follower, etc.

Who says charisma can’t be learned?


How to build your own dream team

Teamwork is the foundation of any business’ success. To make your ideas a reality, it’s necessary to build a team that will function flawlessly; a team which has the potential to win and perform its tasks on time. Whether you are a manager, an employee or an individual who just wants to advance personally, this training will teach you how to build and how to be a part of a unique, synchronized, compatible and highly successful team.

Teamwork: Less “me”, more “we”.


How to be an HR expert

Learn all about the mystical world of Human Resources and become fluent in: HR Management, Legal/Financial/Administrative Aspects of HR, Recruitment & Selection, Retention & Succession, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management, Training Needs Analysis, Employee Satisfaction/Motivation, Strategic HR Services, Organizational Culture, Workplace Health & Safety, Industrial Relations, Social & Societal Responsibility, etc.

Be the rave of all future HR-themed parties.
Plus, it will highly benefit your company.


How to make your business flourish

Determine your strengths/weaknesses and delve into the world of setting goals, planning and organizing, decision-making, managing budgets and finances, time management, etc. in order to maximize your opportunities.

Your business will be ready for the next level in no time.