Recently, Ad Verbum expanded its business activities in the area of publishing. Although, relatively new in the area of publishing, Ad Verbum makes efforts to be successful in that field, as much as in the other business areas. With big enthusiasm and responsibility at the same time, the team responsible for publishing, aiming to higher goals, for less than a year gave the first important result of more than 20 published titles

The cooperation with the world known publishing companies continues, and Ad Verbum shall dedicate itself to domestic authors and literature.

Some of our publications are given below.

Easy way to stop smoking

Allen Carr has helped millions of people become happy non-smokers. His unique method removes your psychological dependence on cigarettes and literally sets you free.

Computer systems

A book for programmers who want to write faster and more reliable programs. Intended as help for the readers that prepare further studies in computer architecture, operating systems, compilers and networking.

Introduction to bioinformatics

This book strikes a careful balance between biology and computer science, introducing those aspects of computer science which underpin the subject without demanding detailed prior knowledge. Excellent introductory textbook in bioinformatics, including large number of examples and problems related to each chapter.

Information systems development – 3 ed.

Information systems development is the best selling text in the area and is regarded by lectures and students worldwide as a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the issues of information systems development.

Introduction to robotics – 3rd ed

An essential book for engineers developing robotic systems, as well as anyone involved with the mechanics, control, or programming of robotic systems.

Learning Perl – 3rd ed.

If you ask Perl programmers today what book they relied on most when they were learning Perl, you’ll find that an overwhelming majority will name Learning Perl – also lnown affectionately as “the Lama”. This edition includes an expanded introduction to regular expressions, as well as new exercises and solutions designed so readers can practice what they’ve learned.

ML for the working programmer – 2nd ed.

Paulson’s second edition is a well judged revision of an already good book and can be recommended to experienced programmers wanting to learn about ML language.

The Chemistry of Explosives – 2nd ed.

The Chemistry of Explosives provides an overview of the history of explosives, taking the reader to future developments. This concise, readable book is ideal for students and new graduates with no previous knowledge of explosive materials.

Embedded System Design

A key goal of this book is to provide an overview of embedded system design and to relate the most important topics in embedded system design to each other. It should help to motivate students as well as professors to put more emphasis on education in embedded systems.

Computer security

“This is an extremely valuable book, pitched at the computer literate who are not gurus but who do have legitimate questions and needs. it will most definitely be a welcome addition to every computer manager’s and software designer’s library… I think you have a winner and heartily recommend its publication.” - Professor J. Seberry, University of Wollongong, Australia

Handbook of hygiene control in the food industry

This book provides comprehensive summary of the key trends and issues in food hygiene research. The same will be a standard reference for the food industry in ensuring the highest standards of hygiene in food production.

Wine analysis and production

International in scope, Wine Analysis and Production is essential for winemakers and laboratory personnel worldwide. Students of enology will find it an incomparable study of wine analysis and production.